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Competitve / texte français

Dedicated and skilled athletes may be interested in our competitive divisions. Players must try out for teams within their age groups. Tryouts are in September. For more information, visit our COMPETITIVE page. 


MAVS-TEEN Volley 1 and 2 / texte français

Mavs-Teen Volley 1 (Boys and Girls Aged 12-13)

This long standing Maverick developmental program offers skill development and instruction for all levels of players. We will group the players so they are learning and playing with others of a similar skill level, allowing each child to improve at a pace they are comfortable with. The program will challenge one whether a beginner or experienced. Our program encourages frequent ball touches for all players as well as extended rally play in game situations. While this program is a frequent sell-out please contact us if you would like to try a session as part of our no obligation free drop-in offer.

8 week sessions 2 hours in length

2020 WINTER - Sundays from Jan 19 - Mar 15 - REGISTRATION OPEN

Where: All Saints CHS (Kanata) ~  Mother Teresa CHS (Barrhaven) ~ Immaculata CHS(Centretown) ~ St Peter's CHS (Orleans) 

2020 SPRING - Sundays from Mar 29 - May 31 ~ Check out the Registration page for times. OPEN NOW

Where: - Mother Teresa CHS (Barrhaven) ~ ESP Louis Riel (Gloucester) ~ St Peter's CHS (Orleans) 

2019-20 Fees: $215 (+ HST) click here for cancellation policy Registration is not complete until payment is made online through our online Registration system. Cheques/Cash are no longer accepted. 

All times and Program updates will be confirmed around 1-week prior to the start of your Program. Anyone who registers less than a week before the start of their program please email to ensure you receive your update. 

2020 Summer BEACH programs and Summer CAMPS will be updated in early 2020

Mavs-Teen Volley 2 (Boys and Girls - Ages 12-14)

As there will be more focus on game-play with accelerated instruction in this program, it is expected players will have taken previous Maverick Programs or consider their skills to be more advanced. 


Winter 2020 Program  REGISTER OPEN

Louis Riel ESP (Gloucester) - Jan 19 - Mar 15


Spring 2020 Program

 Immaculata CHS (Centretown) ~ All Saints CHS (Kanata) Mar 29 - May 31. Program times and further info can be found on our Registration platform


2019-20 Fees: $225 (+ HST)  Registration is not complete until payment has been made online. Cheques will no longer be accepted. Click here for Cancellation Policy.

All times and Program updates will be confirmed around 1-week prior to the start of your Program. Anyone who registers less than a week before the start of their program please email to ensure you receive your update. 

2020 Summer BEACH programs and Summer CAMPS will be updated in early 2020


Dates Location Program Registration Status

Mar 29 - May 31 Orleans - St Peters Teen Volley 1 Register NOW
Gloucester -Louis RIel Teen Volley 1 Register NOW
Central  - Immaculata Teen Volley 2 Register NOW
Barrhaven - Mother Teresa Teen Volley 1 Register NOW
Kanata - All Saints Teen Volley 2 Register NOW

Jan 12 - Mar 8, 2020 Orleans 1:00 pm Teen Volley  REGISTER NOW
Central - 1:00 pm Teen Volley  REGISTER NOW
Barrhaven 1:00 pm Teen Volley   REGISTER NOW
Kanata - 1:00 pm Teen Volley  REGISTER NOW
Gloucester 12:30 pm Teen Volley 2 REGISTER NOW

June -Aug, 2020 Gloucester-Kanata-Centretown Beach Register Soon

Competitve / texte français
Athlètes dévoués et compétents peuvent être intéressés par nos divisions compétitifs. Les joueurs doivent essayer d'équipes au sein de leur groupe d'âge. Les essais sont en Septembre. Pour plus d'informations, visitez nos page d'équipes compétitives. Les équipes compétitif pour les filles commencent à la 8e année. Les équipes compétitifs de garçons commencent en 9e année, à 14 ans de age.
Mavs-Volley Adolescent 1 et 2

Quand: 8 semaines (les dimanches), programme de 2 heures. 



             Printemps 29 mars - 31 mai

             St Peter's CHS (Orleans) - Adolescent 1

             Mother Teresa CHS (Barrhaven) - Volley Adolescent 1

             All Saints CHS (Kanata)  - Volley Adolescent 2

             Louis Riel ESP (Gloucester-Est)  - Volley Adolescent 1

             Immaculata CHS (Centre)  - Volley Adolescent 2


: a bientot

Coût:  215$ (plus HST) pour Mav-Vollet Adolescent 1

              225$ (plus HST) pour Mavs-Volley Adolescent 2

Pour plus d'info, communiquez avec notre coordinatrice du programme, à


Dates de la saison 2017-18 

Date Emplacement L'heure Disponibilité

automne 2019 St Pete's  13h00 Ouverte
Louis-Riel  12h30 Ouverte
Immaculata 13h00 Ouverte
St. Joseph  13h00 Ouverte
All Saints 13h00 Ouverte  

12 janv-8 mars, 2020 St Peter's - Adolescent 1 13h00 Ouverte
Louis Riel - Adolescent 2 12h30 Ouverte
Immaculata- Adolescent 1 13h00 Ouverte
Mother Teresa - Adolescent 1 13h00 Ouverte
All Saints - Adolescent 1 13h00 Ouverte

29 mar -  31 mai 2020 St Peter CHS (Orleans) - Adolescent 1 dimanche REGSITRE
All Saints - Adolescent 2 dimanche REGISTRE
Immaculata - Adolescent 2 dimanche REGISTRE
Mother Teresa (Barrhaven) - Adolescent 1 dimanche REGISTRE
Louis Riel ESP (Gloucester) Adolescent   dimance REGISTRE
juin - août 2020 Shefford Beach Courts - Kanata Sensplex - Clube de Tennis Ottawa  contactez-nous  

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